01 May 2014

Japanese traditional house that was built 150years ago

Hi all!

I went to Watanabe tei for drink geen tea.
It was awesome house!!

The house wealthy farmer built 150years before and the owner was moved to a different location.
They has 5 traditional tea ceremony rooms and all rooms was so beautiful!!

I had yoga in Watanabe tei last time that was nice and relax too.
they has yoga and tea ceremony lesson once a month.
Also they makes special event sometimes.

Gate of Watanabe tei


Tea ceremony room

Beautiful art on the door

Every things owner's collection

Fastidious ceiling design

Window with west sun

Special entrance

Beautiful garden

Other tea ceremony room

Eraser print art now on view

Green the and Japanese sweets set (800 yen)

I had realy relaxing time in Watanabe tei.
Thank you very much for show me all rooms and garden. I'll be back soon!

Watanabe tei
Adress: 2569-1 Shimo-takaoka Miki-cho Kita-gun Kagawa Japan
Open: Every Thursday 12:00am-5:00pm
Web: http://watanabetei.net/

Have a nice life


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